Flush Mount Style Albums

 Flush mount albums are totally unique, artistically designed albums which look like a bound book. Theses albums are not your traditional albums that have mats to hold the photos in place. Instead, the layout is designed and printed on pages made from high quality, archival photo paper that is bonded to a thin layer of plastic so they don’t bend. The album layout is custom designed and have no limits when it comes to creativity and individuality. These albums combine the traditional look of a matted album with the contemporary style of a coffee table book. Although all Flush Mount albums look similar in style on the inside, there are many different options for the cover. (See photos below for inside of a flush mount album.)



Embossing or Cameo Cover – Bridal sized

This simple option gives you a choice of embossing your names and/or wedding date on the cover. This album has the option of blind or foil embossing for your names and wedding date in small type in the lower right hand corner of the album or across the center of the album cover in slightly larger type.

If you would prefer, you can choose an image for a cameo photo on the album cover. With a variety of cover materials including leather, vegan leather, linen, buckram, cloth or silk, this album is a wonderful way to display your wedding photos.

8x10 or 10x10 with 30 sides … starts at $800


Acrylic, Wood or Metal Cover – Bridal sized

This is an eye-catching flush mount album with a large photo printed on Acrylic, Wood or Metal as the front of the album which is then bound to the inside pages with your choice of high quality cover materials.

8x10 or 10x10 with 30 sides … starts at $860



Debossed Cover – Bridal sized

This Flush Mount album is slightly different than the others I offer. The pages are made from a fine art paper and the album covers come in a wider variety of rich colors and quality materials including silk, linen, buckram and leather (for an upcharge). The covers can include debossing and a matching slip case to keep your album protected. with 28 sides … starts at $940 (silk, linen, buckram) add a slip case …starts at $1040 (silk, linen, buckram)

leather with 28 sides … starts at $1050

add a leather slip case …$1250


Collage Cover – Bridal sized

This Flush Mount album option is slightly less expensive than the others I offer. It is a good choice if you have a budget that is restricted but you still want a way to display your photos. The cover can have one large or several smaller photos on it but the cover material is always a standard black eco-friendly leather. Although the inside of the album is a standard flush mount, there is no option to use the detail photos behind your layout.

With 30 sides . . . starts at $550


Matted Albums

Matted albums have a more traditional look, similar to your parent’s album. The covers are made of high quality materials and the photos inside are archival quality held in place by exposed core mats.


Ambiance album – Bridal sized

This is a matted 10x10 album that is custom designed.  The style of this album is more traditional than a flush mount album but because it comes in a variety of cover options and colors, it has a nice modern look.

10x10 with 30 sides … starts at $780

10x10 with 40 sides … starts at $855


Art AlbumBridal sized

 This is a beautiful matted album with custom designed layout and enhanced photographs holding up to 10x10 images. This album is special because it allows a great deal of freedom within the layout because custom cut mats can be made for the layout design.  These matted albums are a more artistic choice with covers that come in a range of fabrics, leathers, woods and brushed metals.

11x11 with 26 sides … starts at $1050


Companion Albums  

Embossed or Cameo Cover -  companion sized

 8x8 with 20 sides … starting at $450

8x8 with 30 sides … starting at $520

Acrylic, Wood or Metal Cover – companioned sized

8x8 with 20 sides … starting at $510

8x8 with 30 sides … starting at $610

Debossed Cover -companion sized

8x8 or 7.5x9 with 20 sides …starting at $700 ($760 for leather)

with slipcase … starting at $800 ($860 for leather)

Collage Cover – companion sized

8x8 with 20 sides . . . starting at $320

Press printed Album – companion sized

 This album has custom layout, similar to the flush mount album but without the heavy-duty pages and they come in 8x8, 10x10, 11x14 and 8.5x11 with a variety of hard-cover colors or a photo cover.

30 sides …starting at $300

Ambiance Album - companion sized

8x8 20 sides . . . starts at $570

8x8 30 sides . . . starts at $620

Art Album – companion sized

8x8 24 sides … starts at $670

Additional album choices and combinations are available upon request.