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I knew instantly when I met Sue that I was going to book her. She is super talented, professional, an extremely hard worker and so genuine. What I liked about Sue was that she was open to your ideas about how to pose or where to take a picture but if you're not creative like me, she easily takes charge and gives you plenty of suggestions while making sure you're comfortable. I booked Sue for 7.5 hours on my wedding day and she took over 1,000 photos. That was more photos than my sister in law got for her wedding last year and she had 2 photographers!! My family and I were so impressed by Sue's work ethic and her hard work was evident when we got our photos back! She had gotten so many photos that we didn't even know that she got! I was actually regretting the fact that I didn't get a videographer for the wedding since I was beginning to feel like I was starting to forget one of the most memorable days of my life but once I got my photos back from Sue (about 2 weeks after the wedding-- ANOTHER BONUS), my regrets were gone. She took so many photos that perfectly outlined our day that all of the memories came flooding back. She's THAT good.I recommend booking an engagement session with her beforehand. She gives you an awesome deal if you book her for your wedding. I felt like it made a huge difference in how I felt taking pictures on my wedding day (a lot more comfortable and the photos show it!). I am now in the process of selecting photos for the album that we bought through Sue and still trying to narrow it down after 2 weeks!! BOOK SUE! She's responsive, professional and talented. She's a breath of fresh air. You will have enough stress while wedding planning even if you don't have to worry about your vendors... TRUST ME.

-Colleen and Pietro

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I can’t say enough good things about Sue. She did our engagement photos and wedding photos and they were absolutely amazing! My only problem was narrowing them down! Would highly recommend Sue, not only for her outstanding talent but for her personality too. She made everyone feel at ease and captured every important moment. After the wedding people were calling her “the ninja” because she was everywhere!

-Tara and Peter


We are so thankful you were the person to capture our daughter Erica’s wedding in photographs. Before we even saw the pictures we knew you were worth every cent. From the moment you arrived, Erica remained relaxed and focused on what the day meant to her and Andrew. You had taken the time to understand her, their vision and her unexplainable self- consciousness about being photographed.

You perfectly captured the pure Joy experienced by Erica and Andrew during the ceremony and over the remainder of the afternoon. Their wedding day will forever be in our memories, but having all your amazing photos is so special. It is so true – “a picture is worth a thousand words.”

Thank you Sue for sharing your exceptional talent with all of us!

-Andrea S.


Sue was PERFECTION! I can't tell you how impressed my husband and I were with her work ethic on top of the beautiful and creative photo's she took of us on our day! Sue was professional on every level! She had never done our venue before and showed up about 2 hours prior to when she was supposed to start taking pictures so she could look at the landscape and find out where the best pictures could be taken. She found this amazing fire escape behind the hotel that I have never seen used in pictures before when searching this venue and the pictures were AMAZING!! 

Sue was so on top of everything. She was the one who actually organized the start of our ceremony and took charge to get things going on time. It was extremely hot the day of our wedding and she made sure that we had everything we needed, one major necessity being ice water (that was clutch!), without missing a beat. I was amazed at all of the photos she was able to get with just being one person. 

She took pictures from on top of the balcony of the entire church during the ceremony but then was able to take pictures close up of our family and loved ones from the isle. She became a part of the wedding, she never stood out and was able to blend in with the celebration so that it wasn't noticeable she was around taking photos. 

My husband and I don't have enough words to describe how wonderful Sue was! We are absolutely using her in the future for any other photos we need taken and will be referring her to family, friends and strangers in the future. I HIGHLY recommend if you want your wedding to be as close to perfection as it can! We can't thank Sue enough for all her hard work and for making our day perfect! Thank you Sue!!!!

-Kellie and Brendan


Sue was wonderful to work with. I had all sorts of crazy ideas for pictures, and Sue took lots of time to sit with me and talk with me about them. She made my vision come alive, and our pictures were more beautiful than I could have wished for! Sue was fun, responsive, and incredibly detail-oriented. She went to our venue ahead of time to scope it out, and made sure we used our time to get the best shots possible. I can't say enough about she is incredibly affordable. I wouldn't have wanted anyone else to photograph our special day!

-Dawn and Nathan

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