I promise to be organized and efficient so that you don’t have to worry about anything having to do with photography on your wedding day. I will make sure we have time to get the photos on your list and I will make sure we get them done by the end of your wedding day. Being well-planned will make sure that the photos are not just beautiful but fun as well. And I’m great at adapting if things don’t go according to plan. Weddings can be stressful and I will be the calm presence that will make sure you get what you want from your wedding day photos. 


I know not everyone is comfortable in front of the camera, especially with all the extra photographic attention you get on your wedding day! I will do everything I can to make you comfortable and natural in your photos.  And if you don’t need my help posing I will let you go and stand back to capture those naturally beautiful moments between you. 


Often couples ask me how I handle a large or unruly wedding party. I don’t get flustered and I don’t get mad. Wedding days are for fun and I want the people I am photographing to have fun too. But when I need to take control of a situation so that we can get your photos done on time I will politely guide people into the right place for the photos we need to take with a smile on my face. No problem!


I promise to be unobtrusive on your wedding day. I am there to capture everything about your wedding day and fade into the background. I am prepared for the big moments and attentive to the little details that you may not even know happened until you get your photos back. I had a couple a few years back who called me the photo ninja: They said I was always where I needed to be to get the photo but unobtrusive and in the background.


And last but not least, I am easy to work with. I go out of my way to help with things that may not be my exact job if it will make your day go more smoothly. I am a friendly and warm person. I love little kids. I am patient with Uncle Joe when he has a question about his camera or with Aunt Mary when she needs a hand to find her seat. I am ready to give you my jacket if you are cold during portraits or calm you down if you feel stressed. I am always excited and ready to photograph any crazy ideas you might want to try on your wedding day. And I work well with all wedding professionals. You will not have to worry about me on your wedding day ☺